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Pinecone Ornament DIYs

Posted on December 17, 2020 by

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went on a hike – ahh, the great outdoors. In nature we came upon a lot of pinecone trees and made me want to get home and gather some pinecones from my own tree for crafting.Here are some very easy to do (no stress here!) pinecone ornament ideas. A lot of these can totally be customized to suit your style.

diy pompom pinecone ornament

This pom pom pinecone ornament idea by One Little Project was perfect for me. I had a bag of pom poms that were sitting on my desk with no use coming to mind. It took a few minutes to glue down the pom poms and a ribbon for hanging. Easy peasy!

Watch on YouTube

Kendra Lee’s easy glitter pinecones tutorial is perfect for any age. You can make these in any sparkly color combo you want – why stick to just one!

diy pineapple pinecone ornament

Give your tree a tropical twist with these pineapple ornaments by CreativeJewishMom. Add a ribbon on top to instantly turn your creation into an ornament.

diy pinecone ornament

Cherishedbliss has incorporated a variety of cone sizes into this star shaped delight and has a full tutorial. This could make a really cute tree topper!

diy pinecone bird feeder

If you do not have a tree up because you have naughty cats, take your pinecones back outside and make bird feeders using the how-to on The Spruce blog. Bonus: hang these in trees with a view for your cats to watch bird TV from indoors!

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