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Creative Youtube Channels To Inspire You

Posted on November 5, 2020 by

Whenever I am in a creative funk I turn to Youtube for inspiration. Here are some channels that have inspired me lately to create and learn new things!

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Jenny Journals‘ fall floral inspired art work is beautiful. I think her coaster idea would make cool cottagecore ornament, if you drilled a hole at the top and added some ribbon!

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Shmoxed has me running out to get some tulle to try my hand at this cool embroidery technique! I love when people take a craft that some people view as outdated and put a new spin on it! Also check out the channel for more embroidery ideas and unique spins on crafting.

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Last month I got a iPad for helping me with art and was practically in tears trying to figure out how to use Procreate until I found Art With Flo‘s videos. After watching a video, I was able to understand things a lot easier! No more couch crying and a lot more art was made after my discovery of these videos.

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Curriegoat has awesome tutorials on street wear style and also gives tips and art history in their videos!

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Mix it up Marci ‘s coffee paint clay trays had me thinking outside the cup! I like finding ideas to incorporate everyday items into crafts. In this case I have some instant coffee I recently bought and find horrible to drink…now I can use it as paint!

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