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Frankenberry Strawberry Nail Art

Posted on October 15, 2020 by

Recently I noticed Frankenberry – beloved cereal/snack monster – is rocking strawberry nails! I’m sure I’m late to the party with my observation but that did not stop me from daydreaming of fruity nails.

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I initially was thinking painting my nails would be fun like in this strawberry nail art tutorial from Cute Polish but who am I kidding? I have no patience for this!

strawberry stickers

So, after scouring the net for strawberry nail decals with no luck, I thought to look for stickers. I came upon these petite berries sticker sheet from VectorPenguin (USA). They are small and will fit nicely on nails.

strawberry nail art

I used a top coat to seal them in place, but this is not a manicure that will last long. Think of it as something to do between horror movie marathons! This is perfect for those wanting some Halloween fun but without anything creepy.

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