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Cute Magical Girl Crafts & Kits

Posted on September 18, 2020 by

I’ve gotten into a phase where I’m watching nothing but magical girl animes, so I thought I’d mark the occasion by finding and sharing some really cute magical girl crafts!

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If you’d like your own mini wand, Alexa DIYs & Crafts has a tutorial that shows you how to make an easy magical girl wand that doubles as a pen using air dry clay. (If you wanted to omit a few steps, you could probably focus on the second part of the tutorial to just make a pen or pencil topper.)

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For an paper project, Tini_Handmake has a really cute and highly detailed Sailor Moon-inspired origami dress tutorial. A great idea is to use this tutorial to make all the Sailor Senshi dress colors and turn them into a cute garland!

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There are also lots of cute DIYs if you’re into Cardcaptor Sakura, like this Kero Chan plush DIY from I Wear A Bow. They even include a handy free template for the project in the description.

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Fancy a magical jewelry piece and a challenging project? PinkSugarCotton’s DIY Cardcaptor Sakura pendant project is sure to offer more of a challenge for clay crafters due to all the small and cute details.

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While not strictly a DIY, Jannplansthings’ channel has a really cute Cardcaptor Sakura plan with me video featuring a bullet journal layout that is sure to be inspiring if you’re looking to add more magic to your own planner or journal.

Sailor Moon sticker kits

If you’re less artistic with your planner layouts, JLynnPaperCo on Etsy has several Sailor Moon sticker kits that are really cute! My favorite is the Moon Kingdom sticker kit.

Sailor Moon amigurumi crochet patterns

Magical girl fans looking for a fun crochet project should check out PigamiCrochet’s Etsy shop to buy a set of 5 amigurumi doll patterns to make the Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon. These would be really cute to keep or to give away to friends as gifts!

Sailor Moon cats amigurumi crochet patterns

And if you don’t want to leave out the cat companions, Galencaixe has a digital amigurumi pattern available for making Diana, Luna, and Artemis dolls, too!

Do you have a favorite magical girl character? Let us know in the comments!

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