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SCK Tries…DIY Felt Snake Plant

Posted on August 6, 2020 by

I often walk past plants in the garden section and think – wow I would like to take one of you home! However, my heart is not cruel and I know that if I buy one, it will die. Not only do I suck at keeping green things alive, Mady and Mortis are into everything and from what I have read there are more toxic plants out there (for cats) than flavors of Fancy Feast!

DIY Felt Snake Plant
Photo by the Crafty Lumberjacks

The Original DIY

When I saw this DIY felt snake plant from my fave crafters the Crafty Lumberjacks, I wanted to test it out. I really like the idea they came up with but wanted to add more color and pop so I modified it a bit.

I am really into gold leaf lately so I decided to use some that I had leftover from another project and use this Mod Podge tutorial for inspiration.

DIY Felt Snake Plant

Materials & Process

Instead of the sand used in the original plant DIY I picked up this crystal like rock filler from the floral section in the craft store in a amethyst shade to match the purple pot. I used hot glue on the cardboard insert to glue it down and press it into place.

DIY Felt Snake Plant

The End Result

Now I have a cool plant that will last longer than a week in my house! This was a fun project and could be customized a lot of ways. Imagine what an awesome gift this would be to a friend who is a notorious plant killer but loves the look of plants. Think outside the pot and make this craft your own.

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