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Kawaii Red Panda Crafts

Posted on August 21, 2020 by

Since Aggretsuko’s third season is coming out next week, I wanted to make a tribute post for one of my favorite animals! I have yet to see a red panda in person, so I’ll have to settle for some cute crafts instead.

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Dahchan Origami’s channel has a very wide assortment of tutorials, including one for a 2D origami red panda AND a 3D origami red panda, so there’s an option for you no matter your origami skill level!

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The Chima Chima Wool Felt channel has an lesser panda needle felt tutorial that will put my huge stash of unused needle felt wool to good use! While the video is in Japanese, the footage is shot so that each step can be clearly viewed.

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If you’re more into making pom-poms, Handmade Kiyo-chan has a red panda pom pom brooch tutorial that’s really cute! This video is also in Japanese, but all the steps are shown, so anyone with just a little pom pom making experience should be able to tackle this project.

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And while you’ve got the yarn out, you may want to try your hand at following Odinka Wisanindhi’s tutorial for a crochet amigurumi red panda! It’s a very detailed video, so it looks fairly simple to make as long as you have a basic grasp of crochet terms.

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For those looking for a charm tutorial, aCupofCakeTV has you covered! Their red panda polymer clay charm how-to is cute and very beginner-friendly, and all you need is just an eye pin, two clay colors and some acrylic paint!

Make something off the list? Be sure to tag us! And if you’re excited for the new season of Aggretsuko, there’s more crafts and shopping picks with our favorite angry red panda in the archives.

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