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Cute Back to School DIYs & Buys

Posted on August 7, 2020 by

It’s that time off year already it seems! For many the new school year may look quite different depending on where you live, but regardless of whether you’ll be attending in-person or online classes, preparing cute stationery and supplies is the fun part!

Animal Crossing planner kit

If you’re still enjoying Animal Crossing, oddloop’s Etsy shop (USA) has a New Horizons planner sticker kit worth adding to your weekly planning rotation! While designed for planners with vertical layouts, the stickers can be used in any planner style with a little creativity. There’s also a listing for individual stickers from the set if you don’t want to commit to a full kit.

Watch on YouTube

Looking for a simple planner option you can DIY from start to finish instead? Caitlin’s Corner has several video tutorials on student bullet journal layouts, but her most recent bullet journal layout tutorial for online students seems extra relevant right now. You can always add cute stationery to the spreads later if you’re in the mood for something more decorative!

Watch on YouTube

And for anyone in the mood for DIYing some supplies, C Channel on Youtube has a video on 10 different school supply DIYs. It’s actually a montage of individual DIYs for things like pencil toppers and memo holders that you can find on their channel, but the links are all conveniently collected in the description.

Watch on YouTube

For even more cute DIYs, it’s worth checking out kawaiisweetworld’s channel too! She actually has several different videos to watch that covers several supplies, like writing utensils and pencil cases, but the DIY kawaii notebooks tutorial is my personal favorite.

kawaii solar system clip art

One fast and simple way to personalize supplies like planners, notebooks, and binders is to make your own stickers from digital clip art and stick away! TheHappyGraphics offers loads of affordable options, like their kawaii solar system clip art set—I wish I’d seen that when I had an astronomy class!

Watch on YouTube

And while it’s not necessarily a craft tutorial, WaysToStudy has a great video on creating a organization system for school

Watch on YouTube

…and studycollab.: alicia’s channel has a similar organization video that takes a slightly different approach. I do recommend watching both if you’re looking for fresh suggestions to make the most of your school year.

Need more ideas? You can find even more back to school posts in the archives.

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