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Creepy Cute Artists To Follow

Posted on August 20, 2020 by

I am always looking for artists to follow. I enjoy seeing peoples’ creativity light up my screen and with one click I get to see updates from them. Here are a few artists I really like who use different mediums to make really cool art. If you enjoy them too, consider following them or supporting them by buying something from their shop!

creepy cute enamel pins

The gothic Lolita vibes and wayward Disney-like characters from LuLu VanHoagland’s are sweet but have edge! Instagram / Etsy (USA)

creepy cute halloween art

Marcie’s black and white art is cute but creepy (my favorite combo). Instagram / Etsy (EU)

plant embroidery

Rot n Roll Stitches embroiders really rad pieces that inspire me to pick up a needle and thread. Instagram / Etsy (UK )

creepy cute clay artists

octoberoddities brings clay to life with each character they sculpt. Instagram / Etsy (USA)

creepy cute kawaii art

honeyxdrip brings the cuteness with tattoo inspired art from some of my favorite fandoms like Sanrio and Animal Crossing. Instagram / Shop (USA)

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