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SCK Tries… DIY Snow Cone Magnets

Posted on July 23, 2020 by

When I saw the Crafty Lumberjacks post these cute snow cone magnets on their Instagram account, I knew I had to try to make them myself!

California is hot right now and snow cones make me feel nostalgic for my childhood when my sister and I would each get one – I would get cherry and she would usually end up with blue raspberry.

Materials & Process

DIY Snow Cone Magnets

Supplies needed are small Styrofoam craft balls, acrylic paint, toothpicks, paint brush, paper, glue and magnets. I had most of these supplies on hand and found the Styrofoam balls easily enough. I love it when I do not have to buy a lot of new craft supplies for a project.

Here’s the video tutorial on IGTV. These were pretty simple to make, however I struggled with the paper cones. I had to call in Matt for some help. I think I used too thick paper the first time. The second try was better when I used a light weight paper. They were fast to make – drying time for the paint was less than an hour!

The end result

DIY Snow Cone Magnets

This is the perfect summer craft to do, not only are they fun, cost effective and customizable: they can make cute little gifts as well!

Let us know if you give it a go, and check out all our other SCK Tries posts too.

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