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Stay At Home: Dance Workout Videos

Posted on April 2, 2020 by

Here are some of my favorite indoor dance workout videos and games. You do not need any equipment, just a few feet of space in all directions, to have a dance party of your own! Dance with yourself, the people in your house or set up a virtual dance off with your friends!

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Pony Sweat is a fun workout with a playlist that will get you pumped! It has an 80s vibe with the fashion, some of the songs and Saturday morning cartoon play house vibe! (Some videos are unavailable internationally but you can join live stream classes through Zoom).

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If you are a K-Pop fan then check out Sunny Funny Fitness. This channel has plenty of choreographed cardio routines that will have you dancin’ around your house!

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Get your Latin groove on with Popsugar Fitness cardio dance workouts. There are different people to follow depending on your level. This is a workout I go to a lot; the instructor Nicole’s attitude is so positive and helps me stay motivated till the end! Check the channel for lots of fun workout to get your groove on to!

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If you have a Switch, Playstation or XBox, Just Dance is one of my fave ways to get my heart rate up. With Unlimited you get access to a wide range of songs for a monthly price. From hip hop to current pop hits, there is something for everyone!

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