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Cute Ideas For Pen Pals & Happy Mail

Posted on April 16, 2020 by

Connecting with friends and family during this time has made us explore a lot of different options. With technology it is now easier than ever to reach out to loved ones. This is great for most people but if you are like me, being online does not feel like a fun place at the moment. What to do then when you want to say hi to people and share some love? Go old school and drop them a letter! I have always been a fan of written letters to people from an early age.

Here are some ideas on how to send out awesome letters and happy mail with stuff you have on hand. Thinking outside the envelope and experimenting with washi tape, hand made paper and flat gifts has never been easier!

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Natasha Rose has some great DIY penpal ideas for little gifts you can send with letters. I have sent a lot of these to my friends who enjoy them!

on how to make an origami envelope.

The Spruce Craft has an easy to follow tutorial on how to make an origami envelope. Think about using any cool scrap book paper you have on hand and adding stickers for a cute touch!

Watch on YouTube

Kay Gemzon shows how to do a simple accordion folded letter with a cat theme! You can take the basic idea shown and add your own touches.

hand lettering styles for bullet journals

Hand lettering is something that I think a lot of us want to try but may be intimidated. LittleMissRose has laid out some cute but easy to follow hand-lettering styles for bullet journal fans that can be used for envelopes and letters. I especially love the heart one!

Have you been sending more mail out recently? Maybe these ideas will inspire you.

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