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Make Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches For Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 13, 2020 by

My favorite kitchen gadget that I recently picked up is a mini heart shaped waffle maker by Dash (USA). It makes super cute breakfast waffles which is fine and dandy but since love is in the air, I wanted to create something special – I created vegan ice cream sandwiches!

heart shaped waffle maker

I made waffle batter using The Flaming Vegan’s easy recipe but I added a drop of pink food coloring while mixing the batter. I followed the manufacturer’s instructions for making the waffles. I allowed them to cool on a rack for 30 minutes. My waffles felt a bit soft and I wanted them to hold up to the ice cream so I popped them into the toaster for a few seconds and let them cool again.

DIY Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches (Vegan)

To assemble I scooped vanilla almond milk-based ice cream in the center of a waffle and smoothed it out the edges. You want about a half inch layer of ice cream evenly distributed. I placed a second waffle on top and dusted the edges with fancy vegan sprinkles from Sweetopia (USA). To plate, I just arranged some cute vegan candies I had on hand around the waffles. So sweet and so easy!

vegan rainbow sprinkles

These ice cream sandwiches are something you can whip up last minute for Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have a heart-shaped waffle maker. Let your imagination run wild with food coloring choices, ice cream flavors and sprinkles.

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