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Cute Cat Paws & Toe Beans

Posted on February 6, 2020 by

Are you an admirer of kitty paws? Are you taken in by the magic of toe beans, those little squishy paw protectors on the underside of cat’s paws? If you love them as much as I do here is a round up of items that celebrate all things toe beans!

Cute Cat Paws Nintendo Switch thumb grips

I am waiting for a set of these thumb grips (USA / UK) I ordered for my Nintendo Switch to come in. I could not resist these tiny paw prints and maybe they will bring me gaming luck!

Toe Beans art print

Bxdluck’s Toe Beans art print (Australia) is great to add a pastel pop of color to an art wall.

Cute Cat enamel pins

Oh, you fancy…MarimoButtons (Canada) brings some bean action to these long hair kitty pins – no shedding to worry about.

Cute Cat Paws pens

Write in style with these adorable pink paw topped pens from IYooBo (China). Even boring grocery lists will seem special when using one of these.

Cute Cat Paws screen cleaner

Clean your screen with this nifty Kutusita Nyanko plush screen cleaner from ShopKawaii (USA) that doubles as a wrist rest!

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