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Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

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If you’re into kawaii crafting, you’ve probably heard about Sophie & Toffee and their Elves Box craft subscription service. I’ve always appreciated that they offer a lot of unique supplies for deco and resin, so I was super excited to find out that they released their first fully licensed collab with Sanrio to make a Little Twin Stars Elves Box back in July. They were even kind enough to send us one to review for SCK readers!

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

The box itself came immaculately packaged, inside a labeled bubble mailer, inside a pretty pastel mailer box. When you open the main box, you’re greeted with a pretty pastel rainbow of shipping peanuts. Hands down the prettiest package I have ever received!

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

Inside the box, they have included quite a bit:

  • AB Epoxy Resin (100g)
  • UV Resin (25g)
  • Pink & blue solid pigment dyes
  • Large LTS silicone mold
  • 4 x LTS open bezels in gold
  • 4 x bezel sticker sheets
  • 1 x sheet LTS PVC stickers
  • Star glitter mix with 6 colors
Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

I decided to dig right in and started with UV resin and an open bezel. You have everything you need to complete a project, but I also used yellow and white resin pigment dyes that I had on hand so that I could create yellow and flesh-toned resin for accuracy.

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

I’ve never used Sophie & Toffee brand resin (UV or epoxy), but now I see why many Youtubers use it—the consistency is very easy to work with; not too thin or to thick. I was also really happy with the pigment dyes, as I didn’t need to use much to get the opacity I wanted.

The bezels I’ve worked with so far have not been as detailed with such small sections, so I had to really take my time with it. I still ended up with a couple of flaws from spillage, but otherwise I was pretty happy with the result.

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

Then I decided to try out the epoxy resin on the large silicone mold. While I generally prefer UV resin, the Sophie & Toffee epoxy resin was easy to use and required a simple 1:1 ratio. (The bottle says no scale required, but I’m a perfectionist, so I used one anyway.)

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

I used a toothpick to add UV resin into some of the smaller details. Once that was cured, I mixed up three separate cups of epoxy resin and used the pink and blue dye to make pink, blue, and lavender resin. I also added fine glitter I already had on hand in corresponding colors. I took turns pouring the colors and set it aside. The bottle notes that it takes up to 24 hours, and may take 48 in cold climates. It took about 15 hours for my piece to fully cure.

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

I did use the UV resin to dome both the bezel and epoxy resin pieces, so I didn’t have enough left over to quite finish the other bezels. But there were a couple of times I overestimated how much I needed, so that was probably on me.

Sophie & Toffee Little Twin Stars Elves Box Review

Here are the final results! I had a lot of fun making these projects, and I’m really excited to make more pieces with the silicone mold and the leftover bezels.

I highly recommend trying the Little Twin Stars Elves Box out if you’re into resin and/or Sanrio. At time of writing, it’s still available for purchase worldwide on Sophie & Toffee (Singapore) for $34.95 USD. It’s also limited edition, so keep in mind that it won’t be around forever. SCK readers can get 10% off everything using our affiliate link.

Sophie & Toffee subscription box

You can also subscribe now for the Light Up My World November Elves Box with LED resin crafts and a winter/Christmas theme.

(Box provided by Sophie & Toffee for review but all words, photographs and opinions are my own.)

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