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Halloween Origami

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Paper crafts like origami are always a fun and simple way to celebrate a season or holiday, and it’s also a craft that is easily accessible thanks to the very short supply list – all you need is paper! There are oodles of cute Halloween origami projects, but here are some of my current favorites.

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If you’re up for a 3D origami challenge, Dahchan Origami’s tutorial shows you how to make a functional pumpkin box that would be a cute mini candy dish for your desk, or a way to give out favors during Halloween parties.

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The same video channel has plenty of other Halloween origami projects worth checking out, but I really love the extra cute touch of the origami chubby bat. If you made several, you could even style them as a mobile for the holiday!

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For a project that is a little more simple for beginners, or crafters short on time, Fukuoriroom has an easy origami kawaii ghost tutorial to follow. I have to pick up more origami paper so I can turn this little guy into a bookmark.

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Of course Kamikey Origami is always a great channel to look for all things origami, and they have not disappointed with this year’s pumpkin and cat pocket tutorial. This is another adorable option for holding treats or favors.

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And I definitely could not make this list without including the Sumikko Gurashi Halloween origami photo frame from Toy Box. This looks more time-consuming than actually complicated, so while I’m wary to try it as a total beginner to origami, it’s so cute I may try my hand at it anyway.

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