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DIY Pastel Halloween Decorations

Posted on October 24, 2019 by

Love Halloween but orange and black are not your thing? Or maybe you just want to try a different color palette this year. Here are a few pastel Halloween decorations that hopefully inspire you to try something a little bit different. Happy Pastel-o-ween!

DIY Pastel pumpkins Halloween Decorations

This crafty no-carve painted pumpkins idea brought to you by The Sweetest Digs brings a bit of pastel flair into your decorating. If you want your pumpkins to last for years to come buy some faux ones at the store and use those instead.

DIY Pastel pumpkin Halloween Decorations

Take your creepy crawlies to the next level with a few coats of paint in this tutorial from Deco Art. Right now is the perfect time to score plastic bugs at cheap prices to take home and paint.

DIY Pastel skull tree Halloween Decorations

Paint yourself up a pretty ombre skull tree via Thrifty and Chic that can even be used again in a few months for the winter holidays! Perfect if you do not have a lot of holiday decor storage space!

DIY Pastel Halloween printables

Download and print this creepy cute art by Lazy Bones Market on sticker paper to decorate everything from outgoing haunted mail to jazzing up boring party supplies at your next monster mash bash

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