Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY Candy Kit Review

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The Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY candy kit has been on my wishlist for a while now, so when I ran across it on Amazon a couple of months ago, it dawned on me that August would be a great time to buy it and try it out.

Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY Candy Kit Review

I was really excited to try this one out since it had so many things, and I was curious about the flavors. Thankfully, everything is candy flavored rather than realistically flavored—besides the apples and bananas, the corn is grape, and the fries are pineapple. After experiencing the highly questionable Popin’ Cookin’ Takoyaki DIY kit this summer, I was apprehensive about the corn before I read the box…

Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY Candy Kit Review

The supplies included are pretty standard for a Kracie kit: molds, candy, sprinkles, and lots of powder packs. Everything you need is there, except for scissors and water.  It also comes with some cute packaging that you cut apart to use for display!

Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY Candy Kit Review

My box came from Japan, so the box instructions were in Japanese. Thankfully, if you visit the brand’s website they have all their instructions available as PDFs for multiple languages. To make my kit, I followed the English instructions and used JapanCandyBox’s tutorial as an additional reference.

Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY Candy Kit Review

After cutting up the package and molds, I was able to jump right in. Including the cutting, it took me about 35 minutes to complete the entire kit. It took a little longer than I’ve experienced with other kits because the apples have to sit for 10 minutes, although I didn’t mind. I think my favorites to make were the fries and corn!

Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri DIY Candy Kit Review

Final verdict: I think this is my favorite kit that I’ve tried so far! I liked the number of things to make, and taste-wise I was more pleased than I normally am with the flavors. I’m not a huge fan of the chocolate sauce that comes in a lot of these kits as it tastes “off” to me, so I did not care for the bananas; however, everything else tasted good. I typically dislike grape candy, but the corn was surprisingly my favorite!

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As of writing, the listing on Amazon (USA) has gone up a lot in price since I purchased mine, but if you want to buy a Popin’ Cookin’ Omatsuri kit to try yourself, you can also find it for sale on Tofu Cute (UK) and NapaJapan (Japan).

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