Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

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I’ve been following the Kawaii Sweet World channel for about 8 years now – I subscribed when her channel was solely polymer clay tutorials – and while I loved to watch her craft videos, Rachel’s transition into recipe and baking videos has been just as exciting for me to follow. After she announced her first cookbook, I knew I had to immediately preorder it for myself.

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

My first impressions upon opening my Amazon envelope: it’s a super high-quality hardcover cookbook that features a beautiful cover with glitter detail.

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

I was also pleased to see how much variety is included in the book. Rachel covers recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies & pastries, bars & brownies, cake pops, and candy & other sweets.

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

The first bit of the book includes a lot of informative details: ingredients and substitutions, the best candies for decorating, the best tools, baking techniques and tricks, and even tips on storing baked goods. It’s great to have this information in one spot in the book to reference whenever you need to, whether you’re a beginner or not.

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

There are 75 recipes total, so each recipe section includes quite a few choices! It’ll take me literally forever to try everything out in this book. It’s also great that the content is all original, so even if you’re a long-time subscriber to the Kawaii Sweet World channel that has watched all of Rachel’s videos, this book is worth owning. I have noticed other recipe channels will include recipes already covered on their channel, so I appreciate this effort.

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

Each recipe is highly accessible for beginners but still offers something for more experienced bakers. The ingredients and tools required are easy to find and the instructions are easy to understand. Rachel takes special care to also explain how to decorate each recipe, not just bake them, which is something that is often left out or sidelined in other cookbooks. There are even templates included at the back of the book for many of the recipes.

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

I could spend hours flipping through this book. It’s definitely my favorite cookbook I’ve ever owned, and probably one my favorite books ever just because of how cute it is!

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

Overall, I think this is a must-have for anyone that enjoys baking and decorating desserts. There’s something in it for everyone, of every skill level, and that is one of the many things I like about it. Here’s hoping for more Kawaii Sweet World cookbooks in the future!

Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook Review

The Kawaii Sweet World cookbook is available now from Amazon (USA / UK) and The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) or order it from your local book store.

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    Awww so happy you enjoyed!!! Thanks so much for this review–I’ve always been a fan of this site of course : ) Keep up the great work!!

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