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It’s been dreadfully hot where I live in the US, so I’ve been spending what little free time I have indoors in the AC. I sadly don’t live near the beach, but I figured if I found some mermaid crafts to make, I could at least (kind of) bring the water to me!

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Binc Bonc continues to be one of my top favorite sources for DIY videos, and it’s not a surprise why if you check out their needle felt mermaid tutorial. I think it would make a cute little bag charm!

Watch on YouTube

Likewise, PolymomoTea’s channel is a great place to find unique clay and resin tutorials. I really enjoy how Alex incorporates both into the projects; the mermaid sea shell terrarium tutorial uses both clay and resin, and is probably one of my top favorite DIYs from the channel. 

kawaii mermaid embroidery pattern

For a hoop embroidery project, check out the mermaid kit from Stitchonomy (EU). It’s a little higher in price, but it does include all the tools and supplies you will need to make the piece, including needle, thread, and embroidery hoop. I love how beautifully detailed it is!

kawaii mermaid garland sewing pattern

If you’re looking for a simpler felt sewing project, TheBannerBoutiqueUK has a very adorable digital mermaid garland pattern available for purchase. I would definitely use this all summer for décor, but it’d also be a cute idea for a summer party.

merkitty kawaii amigurumi crochet pattern

It would be ridiculous to make this list without including some version of a merkitty craft! An adorable amigurumi project option that’s worth checking out is the crochet amigurumi merkitty digital pattern by IDreamofYarnShop. It’s quite inexpensive and so, so cute!

Comment below with your favorite project from this list, and check out more crafts like these in the Summer Crafts section.

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