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Neko Atsume DIY Crafts

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I just recently started playing Neko Atsume again (shame on me for being so neglectful!) and it dawned on me that I should definitely search around for any cute Neko Atsume themed DIYs out there that I may have missed—turns out I have missed quite a few cute projects, but here are my top picks from my findings!

Neko Atsume DIY Crafts Book

It may seem like the Neko Atsume craze has calmed down in some parts of the world, but it’s still alive and well in Japan! Thankfully, this means that there are still new Neko Atsume products being released there—like this super cute Neko Atsume amigurumi how-to book. Amazon JP ships worldwide, but it’s also available on Etsy if you prefer to shop there.

Neko Atsume plush sewing patterns

Dollphinwing on Etsy also has a super cute Neko Atsume PDF plush pattern available for download if you’d like to make your favorite cat in huggable form!

Neko Atsume free cross stitch patterns

If needle crafts are more your thing, Oh Plesiosaur has an amazing encyclopedia of Neko Atsume cross-stitch patterns that include nearly all of the in-game cats. Talk about impressive—and they’re also free!

Watch on YouTube

And in case you missed it, BudgetHobby also has a totally adorable tutorial that shows you how to make Neko Atsume pom poms. It includes different cats from the app, and also conveniently shows you how to make your own DIY pom pom maker so you don’t even need to buy or own one to follow along.

Watch on YouTube

2 Cats & 1 Doll also has a can’t-miss tutorial that shows you how to make clay cats and a cardboard cat condo from the game. This project is a little more detailed and time consuming but would look so cute on a desk or as a miniature for dolls!

Do you still play Neko Atsume? You can download it free for Apple and Android devices. Let us know your favorite DIY from this list in the comments!

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