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MissMuffcake’s June Favourites

Posted on June 13, 2019 by

June is my birthday month and while I always get to bring SCK readers stuff I like, I want to bring extra glitter and birthday candles to these next few posts and showcase things that I really dig right now.

tama creepy cute art

I think by now everyone knows that I love cute and creepy stuff. I myself am a cute and creepy girl. I get so excited when I discover artists and products that combine the two. Here are some of my current creepy-cute favorites.

creepy cute stickers

I really love Japanese watercolor painter Tama’s artwork (some is NSFW). I picked up a few things from AkaTako (USA) for myself last month when I did birthday shopping for my guy. Her stuff is creepy, cute, innocent and evil – all at the same time.

Watch on YouTube

Since Mortal Kombat 11 has come out I play pretty much every day. It has been one of my favorite games since I was a teenager. If you have played recently you know that Mortal Kombat is pretty gruesome but these fun and easy to follow art tutorials from Cartooning 4 Kids will have you drawing cute characters in no time. I have done a few and picked up some tips.

cat tarot cards

Not really creepy but some people like to lump tarot cards into the spooky group. Lately I have been sitting down with Megan Lynn Knott’s Cat Tarot (USA / UK) on Caturday for an in-depth reading that features really pretty artwork full of kitties.

ceramic skull planter

In spring the roses outside my house are in full bloom. I cannot take much credit for them since they were here when I moved in but for the last decade, I always love seeing them pop up. Every week I pick a few out and place the in a small skull ceramic vase a friend gifted me. I feel fancy and kind of low-key spooky Martha Stewart.

skull planters

You can get a similar look with these geometric skull planters by Modern Plant Life (Canada).

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