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Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed creating things. From pasta art to drawing, I liked making things and usually gave them away to my parents and teachers. As an adult I still like creating things and over the years I have tried many different crafts and art forms. Some stuck – others did not (my knitting never got past chunky mittens and scarfs). Here are some of my favorite crafts that I enjoy doing and yes, I still like giving things I made away.

kawaii panda notebooks

I love crackin’ into a new sketch book. That is why I treated myself to a set of new cute panda notebooks (USA) and some pretty pastel Copic markers (USA / UK). I do not consider myself an artist but find doodling relaxing and I love seeing things change depending on the colors I use. It has also helped me improve my zines by creating original art content over the years.

kawaii embroidery patterns

I started embroidering over 10 years ago. Needle arts is very relaxing to me. Since day one I have been a huge fan of Sublime Stitching (USA). They make some awesome patterns and collaborate with kawaii artists like Heidi Kenney.

creepy cute cross stitch patterns

Embroidery led to cross stitch – my main hobby right now. I just got this Death’s Head Moth pattern from HarperSealCrossStitch and cannot wait to start on it. This shop has loads of other cute and creepy-cute patterns!

free kawaii perler bead patterns

Another source of free cross stitch patterns I have been using lately is Kandi Patterns. While the patterns are for perler and seed beads they can easily be used for stitching – your projects will just be a lot smaller. I find them perfect sized for making magnets!

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