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Spooky Cute Artists To Follow

Posted on April 4, 2019 by

I love art! With art being more accessible than ever – thanks to artists making prints and social media galleries – everyone can experience art daily.  Each room in our house has pieces that we have collected over the years. I love seeing my home set up like a gallery, it makes me smile!

Kawaii Artists - Rhode Montijo

Recently I got to meet one of my fave spooky-cute artists that I adore at the Latino Comics Expo when it came to my town. Rhode Montijo (USA) makes pumpkins, monsters and other spooky things cute with an almost vintage twist.

Kawaii Artists - Rhode Montijo Werewolf print

My guy and I walked away with a few prints that day including this rad Werewolf head that glows in the dark!

Kawaii Artists - Artetak Rainbow Kitten

This rainbow kitten print by Artetak (USA) gives me serious Lisa Frank vibes. It’s printed on cut out plastic making it different from other art prints.

Kawaii Artists - Palomademon WWE fan art

Every time Palomademon posts WWE fan art I smile! I especially love the super cute Finn Balor ones!

Kawaii Artists - Camilla d’Errico GrumBEE print

Since my sweet friend Dana introduced me to the work of Camilla d’Errico (USA) and I cannot get enough. I am enjoying her bee mashups lately especially this Grumpy Bear bee!

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