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Kawaii Vinyl Stickers To Collect

Posted on March 28, 2019 by

When I was a child, I had my bedroom door covered in stickers. I loved collecting them and then finding room on my door to place them. I was so sad the day we moved and I had to leave them behind.

Fast forward to the present, and even though I am an adult I still love collecting stickers. I use them on phone cases, to decorate outgoing mail and to make plain things like notebooks feel more special. Here are a few cool vinyl stickers that would be awesome in my collection.

Kawaii Vinyl Stickers - holographic cruelty free bunny

Sparkly and cruelty free this holographic sticker by ShopGutsAndGlitter (UK) is perfect for my vegan recipe ideas book!

Kawaii cat Vinyl Stickers

If the cat fur covering my clothes is not enough of a statement then this kitty sticker from GirlandCatStudio (UK) might get the point across.

Kawaii coffee Vinyl Stickers

I would stick this coffee cutie by ShopEmilyM (USA) on my travel coffee mug…because it will remind me to grab a cup before I get cranky!

Kawaii sloth Vinyl Stickers

Not only is the sloth super cute on this dango sticker from ShopZoki (UK) but look at the lil face on the strawberry! Aww!

Kawaii donut Vinyl Stickers

I love a good pun and these doenut stickers by pistolpie (USA) are funny and full of sprinkles!

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