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Posted on January 24, 2019 by

I have been watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix while reading her books (USA/UK). I have a major organization problem, I can never get organized. I want my home to be free of clutter and all my kawaii stuff to be on display so I am learning how to organize via the Konmari method and other elements I have picked up.

If one of your goals is to organize this year then here are some cute DIYs, ideas and solutions that might help you.

I collect plushies and they tend to spill all over the house. I want to display them and this video by A Place To Nest has some nifty ideas! Not all of them are for display but it will help you tidy your collection – and make room so you can buy more…

If your collection is on the smaller side try one of the fun display ideas by Arte y Salud en Casa – many use recycled materials!

Do you have a lot of clothes? Fold them the Marie Kondo way to keep your closet tidy! I am working on my closet right now and finding what brings me joy and getting rid of stuff I no longer care for.

The Paper Llama shows you how to organize paper and planner supplies – something I hope to tackle next!

cute organization ideas - rolling cart

I am eyeing this 3-tier rolling cart from Michael’s (USA only, similar at IKEA) to hold my makeup collection. It comes in many colors but my heart is set on black so I can decorate it with stickers and washi!

Check our Kawaii at Home section for more ideas on storing and displaying your kawaii kawaii collections.

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