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Free Last Minute Christmas DIYs

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We have 4 days left until Christmas arrives, so what do you do when you have a surprise guest, or realize too late you’ve forgotten a gift? Maybe you were just so busy you forgot or procrastinated—have no fear, SCK has you covered! Fortunately, there are plenty of cute options around for someone in a rush!

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If you still have a few small gifts left that have yet to be wrapped, Makoccino has a new video showing you some easy gift wrap ideas using brown kraft paper. You can even use brown shopping bags if you have some handy!

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For a quick paper craft project, Kamikey Origami is always a go-to creator for me! They have plenty of videos featuring designs for Christmas, although the tutorial that shows you how to make an origami gingerbread man is my favorite. These would be cute as an addition to a card or used as a gift tag!

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Do you enjoy making edible gifts? Kawaiisweetworld’s video on last-minute kawaii sweets uses cake mix to make things fast and easy. Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving treats that cute and yummy?!

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Hand drawn art tells the receiver that you cared enough to take a little extra time for their gift, so it’s a cute idea to use Draw So Cute’s video on how to draw the Squishmallow polar bear to add a little something to your next card or gift tag!

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And if you have a little clay laying around, Chelsey DIY has a super simple, beginner-friendly snowman charm tutorial that would be cute and very quick to make for someone’s gift! Another cute idea is to attach it on a present like a gift tag.

Need more project ideas? There are plenty more to be found in the Christmas Crafts section!

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