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Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

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When the holidays roll around, I get into a crafty mood. I like crafts that are fun and not full of stress, because the stress of the season is enough to handle already. I made a few Christmas ornaments this year with easy to obtain supplies. These are not only simple to make they do not cost a lot of money and are fairly quick to whip up in an afternoon.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

 DIY christmas ornaments - unicorn cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are inexpensive and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For an easy option, simply tie a length of cord, ribbon or yarn around them for an instant tree ornament.

 DIY christmas ornaments - cat cookie cutter

Otherwise, trace some pretty paper to fit in it, cut out and pop in after tying your loop. Once the tree is down you can use the cookie cutters for baking.

Gingerbread Clay Ornaments

 DIY christmas ornaments - gingerbread man

I used Studio DIY’s circus animal cookies tutorial but made it more humane with gingerbread people – I like to think of them as Cirque du Soleil performers. I used air dry clay and mini pom poms (that the cats thought were toys for them!)

Gumball Machine Ornaments

 DIY christmas ornaments - unicorn gumball machines

I updated the gumball machines I made last year and gave them a unicorn-pastel twist. I swapped out the standard colors of pom poms for pastel shades, used horns I bought from Happy Kawaii Supplies and crafted some little felt ears. To top it off, I painted a different expression on each one.

These ornaments would look good on any tree or given as a gift. I love handmade ornaments and have ones from my childhood that bring back so many memories each season. Share a photo with us if you make one.

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