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Kawaii Recipes by Euniee Cafe

Posted on November 2, 2018 by

For the longest time I thought I had a solid knowledge of all the cute food makers on YouTube. However, it seems that Euniee Cafe, a Korean channel formerly known as Snowy Winter Cafe, has somehow slipped under my radar until now! The channel offers something for everyone by featuring both basic and more advanced kawaii recipes, with no shortage of cutely decorated baked goods. I also find it incredibly helpful that the ingredients and instructions are listed in the description as well as directly in the video.

If you’re new to dessert making and looking to try out an easy recipe, there is a video that shows you how to make a very simple no-bake kawaii bear chocolate mousse that requires relatively few ingredients and one mold.

As good melon pan can be hard to find in my part of the States, I’ve been on the hunt for a recipe to try out at home—I think the super kawaii Pompompurin melon pan may fit the bill splendidly!

Purchased that mold for the no-bake chocolate mousse tutorial? She reuses it for other recipes, including her very cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum cheesecakes! Definitely adding these to the list for the next time I get a craving for cheesecake…

There are also a few adorable options for the macaron lovers out there, like her Shiba Inu macarons. I love Shiba anything, so I’m happy to see them featured on a food. They look so yummy!

I’ve never tried making steamed buns before, but I am certainly adding it on my to-do list after spotting her video on how to make Molang steam buns. I love making bread products (although sometimes they’re tricky and don’t love me!) but Molang is so cute that I can’t resist.

You can find more kawaii recipes to browse on the Euniee Cafe YouTube channel, and plenty more cute food photos on their Instagram. Which recipes would you like to try?

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    Lizzie Bee
    November 4, 2018 at 8:06 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this channel! I can’t bake to save my life, but I really wish I can cook up deliciously cute cakes! I love the sound of the no-bake mousse… It’s something that maybe even I could do.

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