Friendly Ghosts For Halloween

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Boo! I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! These cutie ghost picks will have you falling in love, not running away in fright!

Friendly Ghosts kawaii Halloween cat plush

Blacklilypie has the sweetest Ghost Cat plushies in town! Look at that lil face!

Friendly Ghosts kawaii Halloween plush

Squish all your fears away with a fluffy ghost plush from Squishable.

Friendly Ghosts kawaii Halloween bag

Haul your candy, groceries or even a few books around in this foldable bag at Modes4u. It tucks into itself and forms a pocket size spirit!

Friendly Ghosts kawaii Halloween enamel pin

Ugly Plants have a lil marshmallow ghost enamel pin that you can pin anywhere and fight off fright! There’s a matching t-shirt and plushie too.

Friendly Ghosts kawaii Halloween skirt

These pastel ghosts look like candy but don’t eat them. This Graveyard Ghosts skater skirt by Starchaser Clothing is what pastel nightmares are made of.

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Feelin’ crafty? If you have a bit of time you can make this ghost plushie with no sewing skills required!

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