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New Pusheen Petco Collection

Posted on September 13, 2018 by

Pusheen and Petco have teamed up again to create a cute collection for kitties that you need to hurry up and get your paws on.

Pusheen Petco collection

This time around there are a few treats for humans in the line as well so here’s my top picks.

Pusheen Petco cat toys

I’ll take an order of fries with a shake please! Your kitty will not have to wait in line to grab this winning combo of cat toys!

Pusheen Petco cat toys

Lil round Pusheen balls are perfect for kitty play. So soft and cuddly! There is a little Velcro pouch on the side to stuff it full of catnip for super play time fun.

Pusheen Petco treat jar

We bought this ceramic treat jar for ourselves to store cookies! It has an air lock seal so cookies for you or crunchies for your kitty will not go stale.

Pusheen Petco tote bag

If your treat jar is empty, you need to go shopping and buy more treats. Don’t forget this reusable tote bag that is great for a quick trip to the store.

Pusheen Petco cat blanket

Let’s cuddle…This Purrito blanket is perfect for kitty cuddles and long naps.

Pusheen Petco collection

Everything in the Pusheen Petco collection is cute and affordable so take a look in store or online. The materials are soft yet sturdy and will offer lots of hours of play. The line is for kitties but I assume that a few of the items would totally work for a small dog as well.

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