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I honestly don’t know how it’s taken me this long to discover Binc Bonc, but I’m really glad I did! They’re a fairly new and active channel that uploads really cute craft tutorials that typically focus on needle felt and pom pom projects. All of their DIYs are worth checking out, but here are some of my top favorites!

One thing I love is that the channel offers pom pom tutorials. If you’re getting prepared for autumn approaching, there’s a video on how to make a cute squirrel yarn pom pom – it’s even got a scarf! I’ve recently purchased a few relevant craft books to try my hand at the craft, so having some videos will be a huge help with learning.

There are also pom pom options using wool felt instead of yarn! Pomeranians are one of my favorite dog breeds, so the Pomeranian pom pom (ha!) project definitely got my attention. It also has my pom pup Muffy’s seal of approval!

The cute dog tutorials definitely don’t stop there, either. If you enjoy making creations that you can wear, there is a tutorial on how to make an adorable corgi needle felt brooch. I guess I love animals in scarves!

While the specialty of the channel is felt and pom pom DIYs, there are several other crafts covered so you have a variety to choose from. A recent video shows you how to sew a mini cat felt plush.

And if you love working with clay, check out the tutorial on how to make a kawaii bento bag. It uses air dry clay, but you could definitely use polymer clay with similar results.

There are plenty more videos over on the channel, so be sure to check those out as well! Which one is your favorite?

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