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Spooky Cute Pastel Dreams

Posted on May 24, 2018 by

Pastel dreams are made of these…I love mixing in pink and lilac elements into my spooky cute wardrobe for extra fun. Here are some things that will add a pop of candy coated color into your spooky cute wardrobe.

Spooky Cute pastel planets tee

Stargaze without straining your neck by wearing this awesome galaxy shirt by Starchaser Clothing.

Spooky Cute black cat high tops boots

Killstar kitty boots that happen to be sweet and tough at the same time make my heart purr like a giant cat!

Spooky Cute venus glitter pastel palette

I love all of the Lime Crim Venus eyeshadow palettes and this purple toned one is no exception. 100% vegan and cruelty free to boot!

Spooky Cute bat skull bow enamel pin

Corpse Cutie brings in the cute and creepy with this skull bow enamel pin – my fave combo.

Spooky Cute water bottle

As the weather gets warmer remember to stay hydrated. This BKR spiked water bottle will help you carry your water around in style. I have a black one that I love!

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