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Japanese Craft Books Wish List

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Craft books from Japan are the single biggest cause of my long list of hobbies, as well as my overwhelming book collection. There are so many cute ones to choose from, and new releases seem to be much more frequent in comparison to American books. (They’re also great motivation to continue learning the language!) Since I seem to purchase a book from my list only to add 3 more, I thought I’d share a few of the newer releases on Amazon Japan that I’ve been eyeballing for the past few months!

sanrio pompoms kawaii craft books

I’m trying to maintain self-control for the sake of limited physical space to store books, but I’m within inches of caving and ordering Fuwa Fuwa Sanrio Characters. It’s an adorable DIY book that shows you how to make Sanrio characters with pompoms. I mean, really! How can I resist? Don’t be surprised if a review shows up at some point.

cat pom poms kawaii craft books

Another pompom book I’m obsessed over is Pompom Cats, which also cleverly involves needle felting to help make the pompoms realistic. There is, of course, a dog version that is just as cute, and very appropriate for Lunar New Year celebrations!

needle felting kawaii craft books

Speaking of needle felting, Felt Wool Japanese Wonderland offers some neat and unusual needle felt projects that are themed with traditional Japanese motifs. Most (read: all but one) of my needle felt books are exclusively kawaii animals, so I would would love more variety.

Hello Kitty kawaii craft books

I still feel like a beginner with sewing due to intermittent practice, and I have no sewing books to my name, so the Hello Kitty’s First Handcraft Lesson book would be a cute and useful purchase for me. Made for beginners, the projects are cute but look simple enough to tackle with confidence. I can also see some of the accessories being paired with the pompoms from the first book mentioned above…

kawaii embroidery craft books

Chicchi happens to be a favorite follow of mine on Instagram, so I was happy to see her release her own cute animal embroidery book. Learning to embroider is one hobby I’ve yet to master, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting this book to stare at!

Leave a comment with any Japanese craft books on your wish list!

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