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DelilahIris Sewing Patterns & Kits

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If you’re a crafty person with Christmas money still burning a hole in your pocket (I am a part of this club), you may be looking for a new craft kit or two to try; if you are, DelilahIris on Etsy has a wonderful selection of sewing patterns and kits to choose from! Her designs give off a pastel spring vibe that might be refreshing for anyone already sick of the cold weather (I am a part of this club as well).

DelilahIris Sewing Patterns & Kits

The pastel bunnies sewing kit would be perfect for now or closer to Easter. It comes with everything you need to create all 4 bunnies pictured, and seems to be beginner-friendly. It’s pretty much Easter year-round in my mind, so this one’s a favorite for me.

DelilahIris Sewing Patterns & Kits

Looking for a project that’s a bit larger? The unicorn sewing kit is an adorable option for any unicorn fans out there.

DelilahIris Sewing Patterns & Kits

The shop also offers inexpensive printable patterns, which is helpful if you would like to use your own supplies, or are on a budget. The bunny doll pattern is another favorite for me…I very much have bunnies on the brain right now!

DelilahIris Sewing Patterns & Kits

For the unicorn fan again, her baby unicorn pattern is so cute I could squeal (and make an entire army of them!)

DelilahIris Sewing Patterns & Kits

She also offers more unusual animal options for her patterns, like this woodland snail that is actually very cute. I love the idea of using colorful print fabric for the shell.

Check out the rest of the selection on Etsy for more cute sewing patterns and kits, and let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

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