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Kawaii Christmas Coloring Book Review

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The holidays can be stressful at times, so it’s always a good idea to take some time out of your schedule to relax with a calming activity. If you’re into coloring, the Kawaii Christmas coloring book is perfect for that! Here’s a look inside and a short review to give you an idea of what to expect.

Kawaii Christmas Coloring Book Review

It’s a thin, standard size coloring book with 20 Christmas images, 2 pages of gift tags and bookmarks to cut out, and 3 pages of preview pages from other coloring books. It conveniently has 2 color test pages for you to test out different mediums.

Kawaii Christmas Coloring Book Review

It’s definitely not as high quality as most of my other coloring books, but for $6.99 USD it’s a very cute and affordable option. The paper is a bit on the thin side, but fortunately the pages are all one-sided so it isn’t much of an issue. Just be sure to put a few pieces of paper or card stock between the pages, or carefully cut them out of the book with an Xacto knife before coloring with any ‘inky’ supplies.

Kawaii Christmas Coloring Book Review

The art ranges from light-to-medium in detail, so if you’re looking for very intricate designs, this book may disappoint. Personally, I find that the more detailed a book is, the more I expect from myself, so having a simpler book to color in is important for the times I truly want to just relax and have fun. It would also be suitable for those with vision and hand impairments for this reason.

Kawaii Christmas Coloring Book Review

Gingerbread houses are a frequent motif, with nearly half of all the pages featuring one. A little more variance would’ve been nice for those who don’t enjoy coloring food items as much, but it’s a small complaint. I was very happy to see inclusions of cute unicorns and alpacas, however, and this sets the book apart from other Christmas coloring books.

Kawaii Christmas Coloring Book Review

Despite the few small shortcomings, Kawaii Christmas offers a great selection of cute art for the holidays, and if you’re looking for a cute gift or Christmas activity at an affordable price, I do recommend buying it. It’s available on Amazon US / UK, along with Mindful Coloring Books’ other kawaii options that are worth a look as well.

Kawaii Colouring Books

Do you have any Christmas coloring books you enjoy? Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you’ll be purchasing it!

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