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Cute Cat Craft Books

Posted on July 7, 2017 by

Cat-themed craft books are surprisingly a little difficult to find. I was really excited to discover that there have been some cute new releases on the topic, as well as some picks I had missed in previous Etsy and Amazon browsing sessions!

Cattastic Crafts book

Cattastic Crafts by Mariko Ishikawa shows you how to make 30 different projects, from various enrichment items and clothing for your feline fur baby, to accessories and home goods for yourself. There are even instructions on how to make a super adorable paw print pillow!

Dumpling Cats craft book

Sarah Sloyer’s Dumpling Cats is a cute, beginner-friendly option for any amigurumi crafters that have a preference for kitties. If you’re new to a craft, how-to books can end up actually being very unhelpful if the quality isn’t there, but fortunately the instructions and photos look very clear and thorough. Even as a newbie to crochet, I feel like I would really enjoy this book. Just the merkitty pattern alone makes me want to buy it!

The Easiest Cat Embroidery book

The Easiest Cat Embroidery book on Amazon Japan has over 100 patterns of really adorable cats. I keep saying I’d like to try my hand at embroidery and never end up doing it. I feel like this book would be a great motivator to solve that problem. The alphabet kitties patterns in particular look adorably hilarious.

Cat Ballpoint Illustration

I began collecting cute doodle books recently to help improve my planner spreads so the Cat Ballpoint Illustration Techniques book is definitely on my shopping list. Several artists give you different styles of quirky kitties and how to draw them, as well as ideas on what to use the doodles for.

Let’s Make Cute Cats craft book

With the help of the internet and a translation app with photo translating capabilities, I think Let’s Make Cute Cats by Seed Beads would make for a fun and interesting crafting challenge. I’ve always had a rocky relationship with reading bead patterns, but all the cute little kitties featured in the book make me want to rethink my aversion to this craft.

Leave a comment if you know of any other cute cat craft books!

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