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VanillaHamHam DIYs for Hamsters

Posted on May 12, 2017 by

If you own a hamster (or several) and enjoy the idea of making cute things for them, or even if you don’t, VanillaHamHam is a dream come true. The YouTube channel features a multitude of kawaii toy, house, and food DIYs for hamsters that are both thorough and fairly simple. As a bonus, there’s tons of cute footage of Vanilla the hamster with the final results of the projects.

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The popsicle stick house is practically a mansion for hamsters. While time consuming, it cleverly uses supplies that are easily accessible and affordable. And just look at the finished product! Even if you don’t own a hamster, I think this could make a cute dollhouse too.

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Since you can’t have a house without things to go in it, VanillaHamHam also offers a video on how to make popsicle hamster furniture as well, such as a bed and cabinet.

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An ice cream truck hideout is another cute project for your little pet. I like how you could make this and use it as a storage box as well!

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If you feel like making some yummy treats for your hamster, the pancake tutorial looks like a good place to start! The great thing about the food DIYs are that they’re simple, with easy to find ingredients.

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There are also several adorable seasonal items to make from the channel, such as the easter egg treat roller. If you prefer shorter projects that require fewer supplies, the toys like this are a great option!

All the cute videos on this channel have quickly made it one of my favorites to watch, and I think it’s enjoyable for hamster owners and non-owners alike. Be sure to check out the rest of VanillaHamHam’s videos on their channel.

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    Petit MushyP
    May 18, 2017 at 9:11 am

    This is SO cute! I love so much Japan and wish I could live there for a while. You have such a wonderful and beautiful website! Thank you. P xx

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