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Cute Patch Picks

Posted on May 18, 2017 by

Patches are an easy way to upcycle clothing that you may have gotten bored of, find plain or in need of repair. They can also be a quick way to spruce up pillows around your house or framed and displayed like artwork. Here are some of my cute patch picks for getting your DIY on.

kawaii patches - michaels

Recently I came across a selection of cute patches at Michael’s and had to grab a few for future projects. Can you guess which ones I got? Hint: food!).

dannybrito cat patch

dannybrito has a patch perfect to wear on Caturdays or any day to show your devotion to felines. Hey, maybe you can use the patch to mend something your kitty clawed up!

kawaii banana patch - loungefly

This li’l banana by Loungefly is fuzzy, not slippery, and really cute!

kawaii sloth patch - TheImaginationSpotUS

Hang out in style like this sloth patch by The Imagination Spot.

lightbulb patch - radgirlfashion

Are you known for your bright ideas? Then this tiny lightbulb by Rad Girl Fashion is perfect for you.

skull patch - spookyboutique

Want to add a spooky cute touch to your clothing? These cute skull patches by Spooky Boutique should do the trick. Skulls are an everyday staple to my wardrobe!

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