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Marimo Marshmallow Pocky Decorating Machine Review

Posted on April 21, 2017 by

I am always excited to try out new food toys and gadgets, so it was a time for celebration when Marimo Marshmallow offered to send a Deco Party Pocky decorating machine for SCK to review!

Marimo Marshmallow

Easy to assemble and aptly named, the machine is meant to make it simple for the user to make their Pocky snacks cuter. The kit comes with everything you need other than some Pocky and edible decorations. It doesn’t even need batteries!

Marimo Marshmallow

Marimo Marshmallow was also incredibly thoughtful enough to send some decorations so you can get an idea of what sorts of decorations you can use. This was very fortunate as I don’t normally have these things on hand.

Marimo Marshmallow

There are three main pieces that make up the machine, a winding key, 6 plate attachments to hold the Pocky, and also a convenient display stand for your finished creations. The instructions are in Japanese, but they also come with very clear images on how to assemble the machine, so I was pleased that it was a non-issue. Initially I was a tad confused with which plates to use and on which end, but careful studying of the instructions solved that issue immediately. There are 2 plates for each type of Pocky size on the market- giant, original, and ultra slim.

Marimo Marshmallow

Assembly took only a minute, and once complete, you should be ready to start decorating! For original Pocky, I used the two plates with the medium sized holes, and fit the base off the cookie into the appropriate plate. This step was a little irksome since I broke the ends off quite a few cookies during the process.

Once you’ve successfully attached a cookie, all you have to do is give the key a few winds, and flip the switch the way you want the Pocky to rotate (clockwise or counter clockwise). The machine is a bit finicky in that I had a difficult time figuring out the ideal number of winds. If you avoid over winding, it’s impossible to do a complete swirl in one go.

Marimo Marshmallow

Here’s the final product. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something that’s just really cute about decorated Pocky!

Marimo Marshmallow

Overall, I had a lot of fun experimenting with this device, and it was definitely a lot easier and faster to create chocolate designs on the cookies using this product than it would have been to do it by hand. I think this would be a super fun activity for a group of friends, or even make a great gift!

Watch on YouTube

If you want to see everything in action, you can check out Marimo Marshmallow’s video on the machine.

Marimo Marshmallow

You can find the Pocky Decorating Machine, over at the Marimo Marshmallow Store for $18.99 with shipping available worldwide, plus lots of flavours of Pocky too.

Updated 2022: This shop is now closed – use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide instead.

(Items were provided by Marimo Marshmallow for review but these are my honest opinions and the photographs are my own, except for the last one.)

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