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Fun Food for World Vegan Month

Posted on November 17, 2016 by

November marks World Vegan Month and as the resident vegan I wanted to bring the readers some cute takes on vegan staples. Sorry if this post makes you hungry!


Carrots are loaded with vitamin C and are good for you. This carrot plushie by Plusheez is loaded with C as well – C for cute and guaranteed to make you smile!


The face on this avocado pendant by Clay Creations Forever is too precious for words!

tofu cute

Tofu often gets a bad rap but not with this Tofu Cute shopping bag. Shop for groceries in style and let the world know how much you love tofu.


This tiny hand embroidered banana pin by Fancy Needleworks is perfect for a bag, your hoodie or just to display!


Wear a fruit salad around your wrist with this charm bracelet by Pumpkin Toys. Not only is each charm look sweet it is a helpful reminder to eat a rainbow of produce everyday!

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