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Kawaii Kitty Kigurumi

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Kitty kigurumi don’t just make you look super cute but it will keep you warm and cozy as we head into fall and make an easy costume for Halloween too! Who wouldn’t want to be a giant cat?

pusheen kigurumi

Love Pusheen? Now you can dress up like her and bounce around the house with this official Pusheen onesie.


If you want to spend time being a kitty you cannot go wrong with classic Hello Kitty from JapanLA. Her original 70s look is still relevant for today’s modern fashion cat!


Or enjoy a cat nap while possibly looking like your own cat in this Tabby one piece. Meow!


Boo! This black cat at Kigurumi Shop is more sweet than spooky. Have fun in a haunted house and cross many people’s paths.

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    October 6, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    So tempting! I imagine it would be difficult to go to the bathroom in one of these, though. :P

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