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PinkSugarCotton – aka Mexican kawaii crafter Sophie – creates tutorials as sweet as her channel’s name suggests and that really show off her multi-talents. From needle felting and kawaii slime to wonderful clay tutorials and practical stationery gems, she has so many amazing ideas you can’t help but be tempted to try something out yourself.

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The DIY Totoro 4 in 1 Notebook has to be the cutest and most practical craft project around.

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Is it possible for Pikachu to get any cuter? Well, this miniature Pikachu planner charm proves that when it comes to the little yellow Pokémon it’s always worth trying.

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No need to leave yellow socks unloved for a moment longer! With this video you can turn it from laundry into a tropical cuddly companion, creating the most adorable Mamegoma pineapple plushie in minutes.

This is a guest post from Hayley Lyn, who is on the shortlist to become SCK’s new craft writer! Let us know if you’d like to see more posts like this.

Hayley Lyn lives in the UK and her favourite crafts are drawing, polymer clay modelling and felt work. You can follow her crafty makes on Instagram at @hayleylyn17.

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