Bats & Black Cats

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When it comes to Halloween animals, how do you choose between bats and black cats? Here’s some cute ones to help you decide!


Get your own custom bat plush from Sew Desu Ne? With colors like Zombie Green and Lavender and a variety of faces to choose from, making your own bat is super fun.

build a bear

If you wish to be more hands on, head to your nearest mall. Build a Cat – I mean Bear has brought out a cute black kitty as a limited edition this season. I actually made one and made a plush bat last year. I believe this will be my new tradition!


Disturbingly Adorable has bats flying in the night sky on this cozy cowl. Slip it on as the night become more chilly.


Stash your essentials and a handful of candy in this black cat purse by Mihotch Stitch. The orange accents are perfect for this time of year.


If you cannot choose a bat or a cat, don’t sweat it! Flat Bonnie has you covered with this spooky-cute cat bat plush!

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