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Cute Cat Accessories

Posted on August 11, 2016 by

Catify your wardrobe! With these cute accessories it is easy to take your look from boring to aMEOWzing!


I recently bought this pin from Em & Sprout and love it – because hello!: my fave things are listed in pin form.

hot topic

Another recent purchase was a cat print skirt from Hot Topic but sadly it sold out fast. They do have a set of super cute cat socks to keep your paws warm though.


Recently my friend gifted me this necklace By Snash Jewelry and I wear it a lot! It is subtle but makes a statement.


These little black kitty stud earrings from Plasticland are adorable! Tip: if you are like me and do not have your ears pierced, studs can be used as pins on jackets and push pins on corkboards!


Add some fancy cats to your look courtesy of the dressed up felines on this sleek wallet at Modcloth.

Remember if you share space with a cat you probably already have some sort of cat sparkle on you via shedding. I like to call it ‘fur kisses’ – rock it with style!

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