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Sugar Fix Candy Picks

Posted on July 7, 2016 by

I recently got to check out Lolli and Pops, an old timey candy shop with a modern twist. I love sweets and was pleasantly surprised that they had vegan options which meant I got my sugar fix.

lolli & pops

This post is inspired by the candy inside the store and my sweet tooth.

Scrumptious Delight

My dream is to wake up surrounded by cotton candy and have to eat myself out of bed! Maybe I can live out my dream with a few mini cotton candy plushies by Scrumptious Delight and my dolls! My teeth will thank me!


You can make your own cute Hello Kitty candy with this mold from Modes4U!


Fill up on sweets till you crash and nestle yourself on this macaron squishy pillow available in a rainbow of colors fro Melife. I bet a few piled high would look extra sweet.


Not only does this lollipop necklace by Tiny Hands look tasty it smells like bubblegum! Yum!

Do you like sweets? If so what kind? Have a sugar filled day!

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