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Cute Ways to Stay Organized

Posted on January 7, 2016 by

Happy 2016 everyone! To start off on a good foot this year I bring you a few cute ways that kitchen items can work double duty to help you organize.

cat clips

Chip clips help store food and keep them fresh longer – wasting food is also wasting money.

Double take: chip clips can also hold together papers and help organize projects without the damage tape or staples could do.


If you plan on eating healthier in the new year packing a healthy lunch can be fun thanks to bento boxes!

Double take: bento boxes can make storing small things a snap. Think craft supplies like stickers, beads and other small items.


Drink coffee or tea at home to avoid pricey coffee shop costs and save money. Invest in a cute mug that makes you smile each time you reach for it.

Double take: mugs make great storage for pens, pencils and even makeup brushes.

If you have any organizing tips – please share them. I am really bad at this!

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