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Bugs – Creepy or Cute?

Posted on July 23, 2015 by

Bugs – some are cute, some are creepy and some just will puzzle you. Nature is mysterious. I personally like most bugs or at least do not have a problem with them – except snails, they scare me!!! I even have a bug tattoo and plan on getting more!

strapya world

My boyfriend gifted me with this Stag Beetle plush and he is now part of my favorite plush collection. He is super well made, soft, squishy and creepy but cute! He can be your new pet bug! Strapya World has great shipping and customer service so your beetle pal will arrive to you in top notch condition.


Black Widows are deadly little bugs and are best to be avoided. CrunchySushiDay has made this deadly cute charm that you cannot avoid!


If a bug plush is a little too much for you to handle why not check out these stickers from M.Autio.

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