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Devout Dolls Interview

Posted on May 7, 2015 by

Sara Lanzillotta designs doll clothing and plush playthings that mix creepy and cute under the name Devout Dolls. Living in Seattle, WA she finds time to make wonderful things that will delight you.

devout dolls

If you could have a free Saturday morning and act like a kid again, what would your cereal choice be and the cartoons you would turn to?

To fully relive my childhood my cereal choice would have to be the ultra nutritious “Booberry” and I would need to watch “Muppet Babies”.

devout dolls

You design clothing for dolls (really cute clothing i should add) but if you could have a designer design something for you to wear: who would it be and why?

First off, thank you! I love making tiny doll clothes. I always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger so this is me living part of that dream. Boy, my designer choice for me though is a tough one. I think I’d have to go with Alexander McQueen. He was truly amazing!

devout dolls

What currently inspires you work?

I am constantly inspired by an endless amount of things! I love classic fairytales, nature and animals, geeky pop culture from TV to films to comics (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes). I love Edward Gorey, he always had the perfect mix of darkness and humor, and of course, I’d have to say my almost 2 year old daughter who is just discovering her imagination and the power of play.

devout dolls

If you were a cupcake what flavor would you be?

My cupcake flavor would be vegan coconut with raspberry filling and a cream cheese coconut frosting, with a cherry on top!

devout dolls

Find more of Sara’s work in her Etsy shop.

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