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Super Cute Sponsor: Tasty Peach Studios

Posted on November 19th 2011 by in Super Cute Sponsors

Our newest sponsors are Tasty Peach Studios who have a shop crammed full of cuteness! Who can resist glittery rainbow ponies? Tasty Peach also have two great offers running just now.

Pre-order their new custom made Digimon charms and a percentage of the proceeds will go to Toys For Tots, buying toys for less fortunate children this holiday season.

Buy now to enter the raffle for a $50 Tasty Peach gift card! Every order of $25 gets you 1 raffle ticket ($50 = 2 tickets etc ). The winner will be picked on the 22nd so get to it!

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4 Responses to Super Cute Sponsor: Tasty Peach Studios

  1. Pauline

    That rainbow pony is so cute! The Digimon reminds me of my childhood <33

  2. Dee

    That’s a bit unfair. Why is she making a profit off of images that are not her own?

  3. Rach

    Oh my goooood. Cute! x

  4. Tasty Peach Studios

    @ Dee: We actually are giving all of the profits to the Toys for Tots. We only keep what the cost for the items and assembly findings cost.


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