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Kawaii Shop Japan

Posted on April 28th 2011 by in Cute Shop Alert!, Look What I've Got!

I’m always on the lookout for stuff featuring the MoshiMoshi / Usacolle bunnies as they’re so rare and me and my sister are huge fans. I found some on Kawaii Shop Japan, who have loads of tiny plush in all sorts of hilarious guises. I went for this submarine cat and got my sister a bomb bunny, which is sold out now.

I also got this adorable little orange guy, who is even more adorable in real life as his little arms and legs jiggle about. I think I’ll have to go back for the rest of his Puccho Candy friends.

They also have a huge range of Takochu – this takoyaki Takochu is amazing. Again, he must be mine.

One of my favourite things about Kawaii Shop Japan is they stock so many of the smaller characters alongside the usual Hello Kitty, Miffy and Rilakkuma. Case in point, this Oyasumi Bakura memo pad – cuteness! I actually have that same design as my iPhone wallpaper.

As well as toys and stationery, you’ll find homeware, bento accessories, paper dolls and much more, including craft supplies like these sweet little bunny cabochons.

Prices are pretty reasonable and shipping is really quick and well-packed, plus owner Miki is awesome – she even sent me a photo of my parcel before shipping. I totally recommend you have a shopping spree (after me!).

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  1. plushpussycat

    I’m gaga over those sweet little bunny cabochons!


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